Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Embrasse-moi Roméo

I love the gorgeous vases created by Marianne Guedin. Check out the quirky, beautifully-designed glass vases with names like Embrasse-moi Romeo, Zab and Coupelou at her website. I love this one, the Virgule (literal translation, comma). Its description, below, will give you a taste of the design concepts behind these delightful vases.

This vase welcomes a bundle of flowers, one of which will stick in its 'tail'. Like a comma, the stalk punctuates this basic form. This outgrowth is the slip of the pencil, the brush of an excited painter. With only one flower, this vase gives the impression that the flower is floating, defying gravity.

Via MocoLoco.


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