Sunday, November 13, 2005

Galiano weekend

Please excuse my absence: I've been without a computer - gasp! - for two whole days. Ben and I spent the weekend on lovely Galiano Island.

Galiano is part of the Gulf Islands, which lie between Vancouver Island and the Mainland. Home to artists and artisans, farmers and small business people, they run on "island time," frustrating for those on a schedule, refreshingly laid-back for those who aren't.

Friends very generously lent us their cabin there - right on the waterfront! I could have watched the waves crash for hours on end. And while the weather wasn't great, I enjoyed the rain; it added to the sense of being hunkered down with nothing to do but read, knit, and eat great food. Tough life, eh?

I did manage to check out one garden while there, at a Bed and Breakfast called Serenity by the Sea. Being November, of course, the garden wasn't in top shape, but because a large part of its structure is defined by the stream that runs through the property, it was still lovely to look at. Check out the bathtub overlooking the ocean!

You can see more of my Galiano photos at my flickr account.


Anonymous DivineOmega said...

Cool photos. They really capture the mood of the scene and the imaging is very high quality.

3:53 PM  

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