Monday, November 21, 2005

Japanese garden style

One of these days, our new townhome will be finished (it's currently six weeks behind). Although you can't tell from this floorplan, in addition to the deck on the third floor, there's a small front garden and a slightly larger back garden. By larger, I'm talking approximately 13' x 13' (3.96m x 3.96m). Acreage this is not. But it's all mine mine mine! Oh, and Ben's.

The wall which faces the garden is floor-to-ceiling window, so, to smooth the transition between indoor and out, I want to echo the interior's minimalist aesthetic outdoors. It's going to be a departure for me because I love plants - especially buying new ones! - and I'm going to be forced to restrain myself.

I'm interested in exploring Japanese-influenced garden design because I think the aesthetic would lend itself well to our new space. Garden Design magazine has a good interview with landscape architect and former Toyko resident Marc Peter Keane, who offers advice ("Keep the palette simple...Use honest materials") and - most important in these dreary winter months - inspiration.


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