Thursday, November 24, 2005

Christmas-season houseplants

Around this time of year, the number of plants inside my house nearly doubles. Succulent planters come indoors for the winter, as do the houseplants that live outdoors during the summers. Then there are the seasonal plants: amaryllis, paperwhites, poinsettia.

I'm more of an outdoor-plant person, so I get kind of nervous when I'm charged with keeping indoor plants alive and well. Alive I can usually handle, but well - not so much. So I turned to the Royal Horticultural Society, and lo and behold, an article on "Christmas" houseplants: Cyclamen persicum hybrids, Euphorbia pulcherrima (poinsettia), Rhododendron simsii (indoor or Indian azalea), and Solanum capsicastrum. Better keep that bookmarked.


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