Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Apple time

Apple season is in full swing here in B.C., which brings loads of fresh apples to our farmer's markets and grocery stores. If you came home with just two or three of the 30,000 lbs of apples that were sold at the UBC Apple Festival, you're probably going to want to check out All About Apples.

TastingMenu.com has a free online cookbook written by North West neighbour, Scott Carsberg, Chef at Lampreia in Seattle. All About Apples is available via free download. Scott says:
When I created this menu it was between September and October in the state of Washington. Apple orchards are everywhere, especially in eastern Washington. There are so many varieties of apples, and they all have different textures and flavors. I wanted to combine them, not so much in a theme menu, but in a way that takes advantage of the season. I just wanted to do something that was true to this area. Apples are one of those products we’ve always exported. They’re a commodity. But there’s more to apples than apple pie.

He proves it with recipes like Dungeness Crab wrapped in Red Delicious Apples and Pork Prepared two ways with Apple Cider Sauce and Pippin Apple Dumplings. Mmm mmm good! And such a fabulous way to celebrate the apple harvest.


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