Monday, October 10, 2005

Thomas Hobbs' garden

Arguably Vancouver's most famous gardener and garden personality, Thomas Hobbs owns Southlands Nursery and has published two books; The Jewel Box Garden and Shocking Beauty.

I was lucky enough to visit his garden this summer on a Vancouver Hardy Plant Group tour and saw first hand the "jewels" that his latest book describes.

His is not a typical West Coast home by any stretch. Rather, it evokes the sun-baked villas of the Mediterranean, with its adobe-like finishing, tiled terrazzas, and tropical plantings.

Succulents fill pots and bowls, and even sprout from walls and ledges. The colours of the walls and the materials used in the house and garden all serve to enhance the Mediterranean theme.

The pond, here seen from two different angles, lends a Moorish influence and reminds me of the gardens of the Alhambra.

The beauty of it all really is, dare I say, shocking. Hobbs has certainly pushed the envelope here, and it works.


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