Friday, October 07, 2005

I can see it now...

Black Lace™ arrives in select garden centres in spring 2006. Normally polite Canadian gardeners will be knocking over little old ladies in a bid to secure what will quickly become the latest "must-have" perennial. Some will be reminded of the 1983 Cabbage Patch Kid™ shortage.

Seriously, though. Black Lace™ elderberry (Sambucus nigra 'Eva') from ColorChoice® Flowering Shrubs by Proven Winners® is going to be hot.

First, it's black - and black foliage is still very desireable. Second, it has a fine, lacey texture (comparable to that of a Japanese maple). Apparently, it also has beautiful pink blooms in early spring and summer. Then - get this - in the fall it produces dark black berries that can be used for making wine and jam or for attracting wildlife! You really can't get much better than that.

Use: As a stand alone accent plant, mixed in a perennial and annual border, in a container or even as a hedge.
Hardiness: To Zone 4.
Size: 6-8' high and wide.
Exposure: Full sun to part shade.

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