Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Natural lawn care

I don't believe in lawns. At least in principle. Or is it just that I don't like the over-manicured, green-even-in-summer, weed-free lawns we gardeners are supposed to aspire to? It just seems so... wasteful. But it doesn't have to be. And, let's face it: lawns serve their purpose: they (can be) easy care; they provide a visual resting place for the eye; and they provide an arena for cartwheels and bocce. Here's a step-by-step guide to Natural Lawn Care 101 from the City Farmer website:

Use a push mower. Set your blade to high. Long blades of grass develop deep roots.

Leave clippings on your lawn to provide nitrogen and moisture. Mow often.

Hand weed - don't use herbicides! Develop a tolerance for weeds.

Conserve water. Water thoroughly but less often - a maximum of one hour a week.

Fertilize in May, early June and September. Use organic fertilizers (like Gaia Green Turf and Lawn Blend).

Top dress with a thin layer of compost and sand.

Overseed with grass seed.

Aerate by hand in May or September to reduce soil compaction.

Or, if this all seems like too much work, why don't you lose your lawn?


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